Family Update:

HOMe currently has two families living in the house. A mom with two children and another with three.  Our third family moved into the house in December and has found housing and moved out with her girls. Housing is always our ultimate goal. She accomplished many of her other goals while in the house.  We are proud to call her our first success. The other two moms both continue to look for work while working on numerous other goals.  Our house is full of  the laughter of small children and the activity that comes with a houseful.  Our families often eat dinner together as a way to finish their day.  We are grateful for everyones's support and continued prayers. 

Please Read Before Visiting!

We are now open and serving the community. For the privacy of our guests, please do not stop by the house unless you have made prior arrangements.

We have a new Program Coordinator who serves our guests during the day. Her name if Keona Foye and her contact info:

New office phone number: 980-447-9007

Why does Mooresville need to address homelessness?

Homelessness exists in Mooresville. Currently, within the town of Mooresville there is no emergency housing for the homeless population. Breaking the cycle of situational and generational poverty begins with the provision of basic necessities, such as safe shelter and food. When a community safety net is developed, crime rates drop, children are afforded a more stable atmosphere that is conducive to physical and emotional health, and individuals are more likely to succeed and become productive citizens. This is a community problem that deserves a community solution. Advocating and raising awareness is key to our mission. Many misconceptions about the homeless population cause people to ignore the problem. Leading educational conversations can result in a better understanding of the complications people face when trying to break the cycle of poverty.

HOMe was started by an advisory board of volunteers from the Mooresville community who began to question where do the homeless go in the winter? After performing a needs assessment and realizing a lack of emergency services for the homeless, the group became committed to developing a program that would provide supportive housing and crisis assistance for these individuals.

Therefore HOMe will provide:

  • Emergency supportive housing for the homeless women & children.
  • Year round resources such as job training, mentoring, financial counseling, mental & physical health assistance, substance abuse referrals and education.

Thank You to our 2017 The Light is Always On Sponsors:

Lake Norman Homebuilders Association and Williamson's Chapel UMC


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