About HOMe.....

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Back in 2014...

A small group of dedicated community members began the process of researching homelessness issues in Mooresville. HOMe was started by an advisory board of volunteers from the Mooresville community who began to question where do the homeless go in the winter? After performing a needs assessment and realizing a lack of emergency services for the homeless, the group became committed to developing a program that would provide shelter and crisis assistance for these individuals and families.

Hope of Mooresville (HOMe) will serve as the only temporary housing for homeless women and children in Mooresville, NC. Our mission is to provide safe and restorative shelter, food and support services such as job placement, family care, mental health assistance, financial planning and addiction help. In addition, an important second layer of support will be our mentoring program. Our volunteer mentors will serve as life consultants in the areas of child rearing, family relations, and work relations.  

HOMe families have experienced hardships; perhaps personally, financially, mentally, and spiritually or some combination there of. How and why these families come to us is not for us to judge. Our most important service is to show LOVE with dignity and grace.  Love the person, love her family.  No family will look the same walking through our door. Each will have their own story to tell and we are here to listen. It is important to develop collaborative community partnerships with other local agencies, our schools, other non profits, churches, community members, and local businesses. It is important to work together. Homelessness is a community problem that deserves community solution

Our faith based organization was established three years ago and is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and independent program of Diakonos (DBA Fifth Street Ministries, est. 1983). With a separate board of directors, HOMe is run independently and is responsible for all fundraising. 


Tommy Chester, Fred Coates, Nancy DeCaron, Jill Holman (Co-Chairperson), John Greenwell, Julie Wooldridge (Co-Chairperson) & Amy DeCaron. 


Keona Foye- Program Coordinator 980-447-9007, KFoye@HopeOfMooresville.org

Bonnie Battalia- Community Coordinator