Our Mission

An integrative approach to passionately address the needs of impoverished individuals and families by providing safe shelter through faith, structured opportunity and empowerment to become productive members of the community.

HOMe is a 501(c) 3 non profit zoned as a family care facility located at 384 N. Broad St and recently opened in December of 2017.

•    HOMe will offer short term supportive housing for up to 10-12 women and children with a maximum of 6 adults (per family care restrictions).  

•    HOMe will provide Mooresville’s homeless women and children safe shelter, food and support services such as financial literacy, tutoring, educational programs, job search, medical and mental health assistance. With dignity and accountability.

•    Each HOMe family will occupy a private bedroom /bathroom.  

•    To ensure safety, there will be a security system and strict rules for entering and staying.

•    Length of stay is determined collectively by the family and their case manager/mentors by assess their immediate needs, setting short and long term goals and evaluating their progress.

•    At HOMe, there is commitment, responsibly, and accountability for all parties involved and goals to be met to ensure success for each family. In addition, an important second layer of support will be our mentoring program. Our volunteer mentors will serve as life consultants in the areas of child rearing, family relations, and work relations.

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.
— Desmond Tutu